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My sailboat for sale ONLY $2499 !!!

AFG 2+2 Mini-tonner
900 plus pounds on a great Little Dude Trailer
Trailer itself would cost you about $1000 with brand new rims and tires!

Beautiful Sailboat
I am  just not strong enough at 75 years old to raise the mast by myself. I have had 2 or 3 different people around age 40's to 50's raise it easily but at my age it is not so easy. Otherwise I would not be selling this beautiful little sailboat. 

Unlike many sailboats this boat is VERY STABLE and sails smoothly & confidently. Perfect boat for the cottage or for sailing in the Great Lakes.  Would be great to leave it in the water the whole summer and sail when you can!

A great boat for a strong man or men, younger than my 74, almost 75 years. I love sailing but found the mast of this boat to be too hard for someone my age to install easily. Easily lifted by people in their 40's. The former owner and a marina worker had NO TROUBLE as they were much younger than I and in their 40-50 year old range.

  If it was installed and could stay in the upright position such as at a cottage it would be great! With a drop or swing keel the boat can sail in shallower waters and not have to be kept at a rented dockspace. 

There are all the requirements for a sailboat with the boat. The trailer itself would be worth about $1000, so you are paying less than $1500 for the boat! 2 mainsails, 3 jibs, 1 spinnaker.

Sailing is a sport for the person who wishes to learn and exercise a skill that power-boaters will never experience. It is like driving a motorcycle as opposed to a closed-in car.

It comes with several sails in good condition, and a list of equipment which I will include unless you wish to supply your own equipment in which case I can lower the overall cost. It even comes with a Dummies Guide to Sailing :) 

The trailer has brand new radial tires.

Please PHONE Charles at 905-228-2161 if you are serious. Please do not ask if it is sold. As soon as it is sold I will take the ad down.
(Phone will answer Church Furniture Canada which means that is my home business line and you will reach me or leave a message.)
I purchased a refurbished Garmin EchoMap 50 which can also work as a fish-finder. Retail price $700-$800 (fish-finder too!). 

I purchased maps for the Great Lakes and surrounding lakes in Ontario and New York State. These will come with the Garmin Echomap 50. I will give you the maps for free!! 

The boat can also come with a brand new VHF radio for emergencies if desired for a small extra cost or FREE with the $2499 price.

* A paddle
* A throw line
* Whistle and Compressed Air Horn (VERY LOUD!) for emergencies
* A Few PFD lifejackets
* An  Aluminum Radar Reflector (in case you were on the lake when a fog arises, large boats with radar will be able to see you) Normal Cost about $85
* A totally strong rebuilt solid aluminum rudder (tiller)

* A Cuddy Cabin in which you can sit down (but not stand up) and/or sleep. 4 people could sleep

*Excellent anchor and long chain and cord of the required length or longer

*Docking pole for making sure the boat does not dock too quickly

*Manual bilge pump and hand bailer

* Evinrude 4.6 hp Fisherman outboard motor to get you out of the harbour or perhaps rescue you in a DEAD CALM! :)

***Brand New Electric bilge pump is an option at a bit more cost

*Canadian flag and flag pole

*Equipped with bow red-green lights and a white light pole for the back

*** Very powerful  brand new spotlight for extra cost

*** Garmin Echomaster 50 with Great Lakes & Ontario and New York Inland Lakes charts, refurbished with a warranty at extra cost - $495 no tax or if you meet my price you can have it for a real deal price less than my cost.

*** Very Accurate Lighted Compass for extra - $29

Would be happy make a deal on a lot of the extras if someone takes the boat and trailer at a fair price. 
Phone Charles at 905-228-2161 for a chance to see the boat.
Boat is presently in at St. Catharines Marina, Port Weller until October 20

Want to see specifications?

Just sailed this boat for the first time yesterday with my buddy. It was doing great. Made me want to keep it but it is too much work for an old guy like me unless I come up with a method of getting the mast up which may occur as I have seen some YouTube videos which may do the trick.

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Technology Geezers Can Understand. Get out that MAGNIFYING GLASS. This is as big as I could get it.

Technology Geezers Can Understand. Get out that MAGNIFYING GLASS. This is as big as I could get it.