Monday, July 4, 2011

Since Saturday and Sunday are sandwiched this year, 2011 between July 1, the day of Canada's birth and July 4 the day of the birth of the United States, why not look at a humorous video of a Canadian working in the United States?

We have many of them you know...


Jim Carrey is one of the Canadian agents we send to United States UNTIL we have enough of them to OVERTHROW the U.S. Government and form ONE LAND, INDIVISIBLE, THE UNITED STATES OF CANADA! WATCH OUT! We have more like him! (:-)We sent Lorne Greene, John Candy, Pamela Anderson and oh so many more! They all failed! We EVEN SENT MICHAEL MOORE to blow up Hollywood. He failed too. He only blew up the TRUTH! We even tried to get Barrack Obama's mother to have her baby in Canada! But she went to Kenya instead at the insistence of the father .... .Whoooopps. That is a secret! Tell NOBODY!...However now we are running a secret training area in the Hollywood Hills and the future looks GOOD!(:-)

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